Dr. Mark Stankewitz's Statement to the TSBDE
April 2010 Meeting

I am a Board certified Prosthodontist and my name is Dr. Mark Stankewitz. I am here because I have witnessed a gross injustice. I was asked to review four different dental cases. Three cases were done by a dentist who was multiple offender and who had complaints by five patients at the state dental board at one time and another case in which the offending dentist only had one complaint by one patient.

In the case of the multiple offender, I reviewed evaluations on three patients by 24 dentists from across the United States and they were all the same that the dental treatment on all three cases were below the standard of care in many areas. This information was given to the state dental board during the investigation. I also reviewed the single case in which a very similar type treatment was performed by the offending dentist and it looked identical to the first three cases but was performed by a dentist who had no previous violations. All cases had numerous restorative violations and open margins.

Both these dentists had the same attorney. Also, the multiple offender used as his paid experts -the president of the state board and a prosthodontist who was a dental board consultant and who later became a WREB board member after his testimony. Both the president of the dental board and the prosthodontist who were paid saw no standard–of–care violations with the three patients. But remember, 24 leading clinicians in the US and myself see numerous standard-of-care violations. And, those opinions were given at no cost to the patient , and to the state dental board and reflect today’s standard-of- care based on scientific knowledge and accepted practices .

The second dentist , had only one patient and the dental treatment appeared very similar to the multiple offender. And this was after your dental board said that it was not necessary to change the rule because a state board member would not do this again. The state board consulting prosthodontist was nominated by your dental board during this controversy of the rule change, to be a WREB board member and guess what again he was a paid expert in this case and he saw no standard-of-care violations. But this time at the settlement hearing the one time offending dentist was given standard –of –care-violations. While the other multiple offender received
no standard-of-care violations only a fine, record keeping, and probationary suspension. But guess what, since this multiple offender was placed on the disciplinary list in 2009, the dental board has refrained from listing any dentist on probationary suspension, like they have in the last seven years from 2002 through 2008. This appears to be more than coincidental. In fact, the multiple offender previously over treated a child and had been given disciplinary action before. It appears that your dental board is for sale and has attempted to protect a bad player. How many bad players have been protected by the dental board, we do not know. Changing the rule is not enough you need to reinvestigate these cases and any others that were evaluated by these and any other board members that were for sale. And immediately sanction the president of the board and WREB board member that gave this testimony. You have violated the trust of the public to our dental profession- shame on you.