Gwen Mitchell - President

Larry Stringfield - Vice President

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TEXANS FOR DENTAL REFORM is a volunteer-led organization of concerned citizens dedicated to changing the policies and procedures regulating the quality of dental practice in the state of Texas. This organization believes that the State Board of Dental Examiners should live up to their motto "Safeguarding the Dental Health of Texans" by enforcing a standard of care that protects the citizens of the state. This organization is working to restore fair and balanced treatment with transparency for all dental professionals while protecting the public’s well being.


The Texas State Dental Board of Examiners must promoted transparency. The objectives for the future for this organization are:

To seek the help of elected state representatives to change laws pertaining to dental cases from “a board member ‘should not’ to ‘shall not’ act as an expert witness” and for a two year period after their term ends.

To establish an overseeing counseling committee comprised of academia, clinicians, and the public to define the standard of care for Texas.

To have the legislature open a hearing and investigation on these Board members and their activities.

To provide a Texas State Dental Board website that is user friendly and up to date with the dentist’s information. This information should include the number of complaints received, the complaint resolve, any punishment accessed, and the length of suspension and/or probation.

To require any professional (i.e., dentist, hygienist) on probation to incorporate the time of the probationary period on all advertisements.

Eliminate multiple licenses representing one career.